Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snapshot Sunday*: Shop Dog

This lil' lizard-girl is the shop dog for a little gift shop on Main Street.

Yep, Zelienople has a Main Street. With a bakery, hardware store, diner, several banks, health-food store, pizza joint, drugstore and a rehabbed and just re-opening old movie theater. (It will be live theater now, and I hope some movies too.) And an Independence Day parade with fire trucks and weiner dogs and tractors and a 60-year-old majorette who does the splits and spins a flaming baton.

She came from a local shelter.** I waste no opportunity to remind her owner that he has won the dog lottery.

Oh, and it may not be immediately apparent from the cell-phone shot, but she's banned in Ontario, Britain, Sioux City, Denver. On account o' the baby-eating.

Too bad Zelie can't be safe like Denver.

*Once again, missed Photo Phriday

** The dog. Dunno about the majorette.


  1. I'm glad you clarified that. I thought the baby-eating, splits-doing majorette with the lethal flaming baton came from a local shelter - and frankly - I was quite shocked that any rescue group would accept the liability of adopting out such an obviously dangerous beast.

  2. Dude, if you had been on the curb and seen that majorette a-coming at the head of a band* whose median age was probably 70, you too could have known real terror.

    *They call themselves "The Resurrection Band." And have no religious affiliation. So there's that.

  3. Zelienople, as in Butler County, PA?

    Gosh, that's not far from me at all!

  4. Honey, if there's another Zelienople anywhere in the world, I'll eat my hat.

    If I could find my hat.

    But no danger, as there isn't.

  5. just needed clarification on the origin of the majorette also...I had a disturbing picture in my head.


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