Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sam seems to be the oldest dog from the seizure. Will he live long enough to retire to a soft bed in a warm house?

I realize that I haven't posted an update on the Montana English shepherds since the finish line trial date was continued from May to July. Trial date is now July 13.

NESR put plans to send me to Billings in June on hold; I expect to be there in July. I'm trying to set up the farm so the SLOH can manage all the chores while I'm gone.

The court held a competency hearing for Kapsa yesterday.

The judge denied the county's motion to post bond for the value of the animals and allow them to be placed into homes.

Kapsa is selling puppies born to animals that either escaped capture in December or were concealed elsewhere. The court has declined to allow the county to do anything about the animals still under her control.

Two NESR representatives arrived in Billings today to help with dog care and training and continue working with the volunteers.

Fundraising efforts to pay for the dogs' care continues. AWFA is holding another online auction of donated items to raise money; bidding starts Saturday.

The ersatz "Montana News" -- the lunatic website of a convicted felon with an ax to grind -- is lurking under a false identity on the open English shepherd discussion list, has violated the copyright of one list member, and is claiming to its brain-dead readers (both of them) that this benefit auction of wool, dog treats, purses, etc. is "NESR selling the dogs to the highest bidder." No, I am not going to link to convicted felon Donald Cyphers' website. You can find it in the googles.

The Billings Gazette continues to provide stellar coverage of the case. Their young staff regularly restores my faith in the profession of journalism. And their web extras -- video, PDFs of court papers, photo galleries -- should be a beacon on the hill for other, larger-market newspapers that are frankly lazy. This, people, is how it's done.


  1. If you read everything that Heather has included here, I think Linda Kapsa has proved herself to be insane. She admits to being depressed and that her place was a mess because she couldn't keep up with it. She admits that she had too many dogs because she had trouble selling puppies. She states that she never wants to get up to the number of having 200 dogs again. Yet she claims that having 50 (fifty!!) dogs for breeding purposes plus a few pets thrown in would be a good number for her future dog breeding business. If that isn't CRAZY, I don't know what is!

  2. "because she had trouble selling puppies." Uh-huh.

    That'll happen when you're breeding 200 dogs.


    It may not be the best outcome, but now maybe the dogs will get a chance at a real life in loving homes.


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