Brandywine Farm: For Sale and Opportunities

Brandywine products


Eggs from pastured, naturally and humanely-raised, locally-fed hens are almost always available.  We have a mixed flock of brown, green, and blue egg-layers, and each carton will include a mix of shell hues.  No, the colored eggs don't taste any different -- they are all delicious.

$3 half-dozen
$6 dozen
$9 eighteen

We are happy to accept your used, clean egg cartons!  Egg carton recycling helps keep egg costs down.

Broiler Chicken

Frozen pastured broilers will be available fall 2019.  These are whole chickens without neck or giblets.  The birds are JM Hatchery "Freedom Rangers" that are raised free on our pastures (not in "chicken tractors") in the summertime.  Average weight is around 5-6 pounds.  We sell per bird rather than per pound, as we don't have an inspected scale.

$14 each

Fresh broilers are available by pre-order starting the afternoon of butchering days and the following day.

$14 each

Other Poultry

Thanksgiving turkeys will be available by pre-order.  We will offer mostly broad-breasted bronze turkeys. Pre-order will begin in September; get in a deposit early to guarantee a fresh turkey.

Roosters (5-18 months old) and stewing hens (about two years old) are available frozen sporadically.  If you are looking for an older bird for authentic traditional coq a vin, stockmaking, chicken adobo or other traditional recipes, let us know.  Price based on age and size.

Large chicken feet (for stock, soul food, dim sum) are available on or after butchering days by pre-order.  We will sometimes, have frozen feet available at other times.  Eight large feet for $2.

Lamb and mutton

Contact us about grass-fed Katahdin lamb and mutton, sold by the whole animal.


Contact us about pastured pork, sold by the whole or half animal in late fall.

Plants and Plant Products

Heirloom tomato, pepper, eggplant, and other vegetable sets will be available in May and June.  Plants are sold in individual pots at $3 each.  Specific cultivars can be custom-started by special order, no later than the end of February.  If there is some tomato or pepper that you are eager to grow, but isn't available as sets, we can start the plants for you.

Owners of rabbits, parrots, and pet rodents may purchase freshly-cut chemical-free apple chew sticks; $3 for a one-pound bundle at the farm throughout the non-growing season (November to March).  If you want smaller twigs, perches, whole branches, etc. just let us know and we'll work to accommodate you.  Special deals for legitimate 501(c)3 pet rescue organizations.

White and red oak seedlings (from 12" to 6' high) are available until April, to be dug as ordered.

Raspberry (red and black) and blackberry canes are available from May through July.

Wildcrafted mushrooms, black walnuts, and greens are available in their seasons. Check our facebook page for availabilities, which cannot be predicted.


We receive requests for fresh goat milk, yogurt, and cheese.  Unfortunately we are not able to sell dairy products for human consumption at this time.

Animals for Sale


Nigerian dwarf and Nigerian cross doelings and wethers are available.

Will Feed for Work

We are very open to bartering eggs, chickens, firewood and other farm products for services, including

Electrical work
Carpentry/drywall work
Fence installation
Tractor/small engine maintenance
Field mowing
General farm labor

At points during the year -- mostly during the growing season -- we are open to hosting visitors for a few days or a week for redneck kibbutz getaways.

We understand the appeal that life on a homestead-style farm holds for many of our friends and correspondents, some of whom may be contemplating major lifestyle changes themselves, others who just want to get away for a while.

In exchange for room (either in our guest room or our comfy pop-up camper, depending on weather and our mutual preferences) and three squares plus snacks, we ask for an honest day's farm labor within your own physical powers and expertise.  This will generally be in the form of special projects, since we try to keep our daily routine chores at the level we can handle by ourselves.  Not all special projects are skilled labor, and not all unskilled labor involves heavy lifting.  There is always brush to battle.


Brandywine Farm is located in Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania, about 33 miles north of downtown Pittsburgh, 40 miles southeast of Youngstown, Ohio, 15 miles west of Butler, PA, and 26 miles south of Grove City, PA.

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The farm is our private home, so drop-in customers and other visitors without an appointment will be escorted back to the gate by the Director of Homeland Security.

There is parking at the top of the driveway, just past the big locust tree; we recommend you use this spot in the winter and walk down if you are not certain of your car's ability to negotiate the steep, curved driveway.  If you rashly point your bald-tired, rear-wheel drive, topheavy or otherwise unrutworthy vehicle down the driveway in the winter and it ends up on its side in the pasture or trapped at the bottom of the lane, it is now ours.  Best hitchhiking is south on Route 19.  Good luck!

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