Monday, November 11, 2013

Situation Wanted: Farmer's Little Helper

Gertrude Imogene Stubbs was meant to go to a farm home as a potential future dog mom.

I later decided that Trudy is not a great prospect for carrying on the family. Not because she isn't healthy, vigorous and robust. And there's nothing wrong with her personality, either. She's friendly, affectionate, likes people, and is a naturally polite and rather dainty creature.

But Trudy has the tiniest overbite (she seems to be outgrowing this) had a tiny overbite, but is now scissor-tooth Gertrude, and is a little bit light-boned and fiddle-fronted. It's not the structure I was going for in this breeding. She may outgrow it, but she may not. (Yeah, so she has just about outgrown this, too. A bit of transient puppy-fugly.)

So after sticking around for a few weeks of further interviews she's looking for another position.

Ideally,* at a farm.

Helping with things.

She already really likes helping with things. Chickens. Turkeys. She's thinking about goats and sheep and her role in their management. Last week she genuinely helped Perfesser Chaos catch a loose wether

Do you by any chance need help with things? Do you have some dog experience and a light hand with animals?

She's fourteen weeks old as of yesterday, and ready to be your right-hand dog.

Her pedigree and information about her parents is here.

Email me for more information and an application.


*I could be convinced of another placement, but you'd have to make a good case.