Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo Phriday: Gramma Turkey

My Mom is attempting to en-Dale all of the turkey poults. Especially the one on her right shoulder.

La la la, the turkeys lurve me so.

There's something very warm down the back of my neck.


  1. BTW, did we make the Save Dale goal? If so, I'll update the facebook page. :P

  2. Yeah, what happened to Dale?

    I just donated 4 pounds of my top-quality seed garlic for the NESR auction -- save the Montana Dogs and Dale! :-D


  3. I wanna see Dale.

    One of my spring chicks is a rooster. He is now crowing, and that will tip off the chicken police.

    We are zoned for hens only. Want a black Astrolorp to keep Dale company?


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