Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo Phriday: You Should Be So Lucky

So you fell out of your hunting stand and broke your damn leg.

It's been a long, cold night, but as day breaks, you hope someone has started looking for you.

You hear something crashing through the fall leaf litter. It is wearing orange, so you don't shoot it.

Oh, there you are.

My, you look a fright.

Hang on, I gotta do somethin.

Ah, I see you didn't get far on foot. Bwaa haa haa haa. Is leetle rescue joke.

He is always so slow. Freakin' bipeds.

Daaaad ... c'mon

Hold on a sec, we'll be right with ya.

Frisbee. Now.


  1. Are you using a digital camera or a phone for these photos -- and if it's a phone, what are you using?

    It looks like I'm going to have to get a Twitter account together so that I can keep everyone informed as we go into Planning/Zoning meetings vs the developer who is trying to destroy our community garden. Which means I need a new phone to be able to tweet.

    We were emergency vendors at the Farmer's Market last week. Pepper did a similar cute "lay-out" to the Zeniople dog, so I took her picture with my current phone -- but it turned out terrible.

    So, as long as I have to get a new phone anyway, I figured I should get one that can take good Pepper pictures AND Tweet.


  2. What a wonderful photo montage. Although, the "leetle rescue joke" shows you SAR people & dogs have a hidden sadistic streak. Very funny and if I were that broken-legged hunter I would certainly be happy to overlook it.


  3. So freaking adorable. ES are made of awesome.

  4. Boy definately has his momma's face. I *know* that grin ;-)

  5. Great photo sequence. Gotta love the work you guys do.

    Good dog, Pip!

  6. Dorene, it's a Canon G-10 digital camera. Though the photo of Bella the shop dog was with my phone, and if you click for big, is not very good. I like the G-10 a lot, though frankly I preferred my venerable G-5 for overall picture quality and for faster capture of action using the burst feature! It died, though.

    I do reduce the size of the photos for the blog now, as I'm eating up my storage space on blogger.

    I dunno what phone has a really good camera. Like Gina, I'm jonesing for an iPhone, but that won't be anytime soon.

    Pip has many leetle jokes. Most of them are at my expense. One makes adjustments to one's dignity when one must.

  7. Thanks for the camera info -- I'll forward it to the spouse as our digital camera is nearing the end of its life and we'll have to replace it soon, too.

    I'll try making Pepper's photo on phone tiny -- now that I have Facebook, I feel obliged to take more pictures of MY adorable (but only slightly less useful ;-))dog and share them! ;-D

    I want an iPhone too, but there are "strings" with it that make the techie husband (who has never led me astray in techie matters ;-)) nervous. Once he's calm, life will be different! :-D

  8. As you're always so understanding when my blog mentions you, I'll refrain from getting pissy ...

    Pip does have her little jokes on us, though.


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