Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wideo Wednesday: Hellpigs

I am fully appreciating why swine have so often been associated with the very mouth of Hell.

When I bring the pigs their dinner, I first call them into their pasture for a bucket or two of both salad and desert -- veggies and fruit from the farm markets, the garden, under the apple trees, the cider press, kitchen scraps.

While they are hogging that stuff down, I close the small door in the back of their shed so that I can fill their troughs with mash at my leisure, check the emergency backup water nipple, rake the shed, etc.

They finish quickly and come to the door, bang on it, and make ... sounds.

If I were to open the door to five barging, screaming hogs, they'd sooner or later make a main course of me. They're big enough, and willing to do it.

That's why I have dogs.

And that's why the pigs understand the sentence, "Pigs! I have dogs!"  (Don't make me use them again, because they like that a lot, and if you'll recall, you do not.)

This recording has terrible video quality -- it was rainy and gloomy, and I was making it one-handed as I did the chores, because every time I hand a video camera to someone else, they will not shut up and talk over what I want to record -- but it captured the sounds pretty well.