Friday, July 24, 2009

Least Likely News Quote EVER

“Sometimes, you just gotta say: ‘OK, I still have nine live, two-headed animals,' and move on.”

The Charlotte Observer


  1. Ohmigod! Where do you find these things? It's like a metaphor for life. I may have to make it my email signature!

  2. That guy is sick, but how is he any different from people who breed pekes with extremely flat muzzles?

    On another note, did you know you can buy freak turtles?

    Some of them are rather pricey.

    I bet this freak show curator has a couple of these. The shell-less ones aren't actually without shells. Their shells are just deformed.

  3. See - you post this and then one of the next headlines I come across in google news is: "Fake Prostitute Arrested For Mexican Midget Wrestling Twins' Murders"

  4. Well yeah, the guy is skeevy (as my kids would say). But how can you not take a step back and admire the utter absurdity and yet universality of the quote? I mean, it really just says it all.

  5. The guy wants freaks?

    Get him some AKC (or any kennel club, really) 'champions.' That's a freak show in and of itself: GSDs that can't walk right. Bulldogs that can't breed, birth or breathe. Shar-peis with hideous entropion because of their massive wrinkles. Border collies that don't herd and terriers that don't dig. Poodles forced to look like giant poofs in a class farthest from their origins....I could go on, but I think I'm among rational dog people and you can fill it in yourself.


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