Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snapshot Sunday: Monolith

Spring or not, the asparagus is coming.


  1. what a great photo!
    every day we go to the garden, look at the tulips, the garlic, and asparagus and WILL them to grow. they're getting there...

  2. This is the part I miss most about not having any land. Fresh asparagus is THE BEST! Try eating it raw fresh from the ground -- it doesn't get any better than that!


  3. LURVE asparaguts.

    Last night, the father-in-law and me were abandoned to our own devices, which meant <whatever meat is in the fridge> times <whatever vegetable we can find>.

    Turns out it was giant (1" dia.) asparagus.

    "Hey, that was really tender!"

    Yes, I know. (Bought from the farmer's market earlier in the week.)

  4. hehe...great title. I'm envious of everyone withe the space to grow things. Living in an apartment, ground space is an impossibility. BUT - I do get to enjoy the wildflowers that grow rampant in the open space behind my building. Pinks, whites, blues and purple. Yes - spring is most definitely here :)


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