Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Good Phriday: Eoster Greetings

This weekend we will search the farm for hidden nests of eggs, and the leporaria for more nests of new rabbits.

We will eat flesh and candy and drink wine.

There will be fire.

There will likely be some new additions to our herds and flocks.

The pear tree will burst into flower.

Nothing to see here. No Goddess arising. Move along, return to your churches, have a cracker, and feel sorry for all the sins you've done while all around you Nature is flowering, fucking, hatching, kindling, kidding and generally bursting forth without apologies, restraint, or any sense of decency. Remind yourself relentlessly that it's a Very Solemn Father and Son thing. No Girls Allowed.

I feel compassion around now for browbeaten "Christians" who work so hard to avoid being Pagan that they forbid themselves to be Human.

But She is there for you, anyway.


  1. I feel sorry for Christians who do not understand the roots of their faith and who blindly accept the tradition of the church as the inspired word of God. Our modern day celebration of Easter is only connected to the resurrection because of the church's attempts to incorporate pagan beliefs into the new faith. Makes no sense to me. It's an affront to both belief systems. I've always had a hard time with the literal Good Friday/Easter Sunday model. No matter how you do the math, it just doesn't work out. If as a Christian, I'm not celebrating the miracle of the resurrection every day, then I'm missing something and I'm certainly not going to get spiritual brownie points for co-opting another faith's holy day as my own. Same goes for Christmas.

  2. I can see the miracles in both. Those that are both in front of my eyes and those that require Faith.

    How can you hold the miracle of a fertile egg in your hand and not believe in God I wonder? Are prayers no less sincere on my knees in church then they are helping a ewe through a difficult birth?

    Why must we always have separation? Life, Miracles, Rebirth, Spring, Rejoice.... It's all the same.


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