Monday, April 25, 2011

Bucked Over

Guess what Edina produced today?

Now, Eddie, Patsy, I want you to attend to the weather this week. Not the wether -- there are going to be three more of those here soon enough. You know, the stuff coming out of the sky and sideways on the wind that you have been screaming at me about?

What did Noah bring onto the ark?

Was it all the animals after their kinds, in large male-only herds?

Work it out, ladies.


  1. Finally!

    Hope you can get some sleep now.

  2. Didn't this happen the first time you bred them too?

    You'd think that two such dainty ballerinas that didn't even want to acknowledge their goat-ness when they arrived at your place would at least pass on a few more X chromosomes. But then again, I guess it's not up to what you think!

  3. I take it you're all out of "It's a boy!" cigars?


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