Sunday, August 8, 2010

Snapshot Sunday: Meeting

We've just returned from the Operation New Beginnings dog and human reunion + English shepherd Gathering.

I'll be posting about it more this week.

Meanwhile, can anyone tell me who this dog is, and who these people are?

ONB folks, don't give it away.

The dog, as many have surmised, is Harry.

Petting him is Mark Wyatt.

Standing left is Kristen Wyatt.

Standing right is Sheila Ruble.

Mark and Kristen went to Linda Kapsa's to see about buying a puppy in July 2008. They were greeted with a scene from Hieronymus Bosch.

Thus began the Wyatt jihad that led to the seizure in December. Mark and Kristen saved Harry's life.

Sheila Ruble sat with Harry for months, convincing him that human beings would not make soup of him in the morning. While Harry lives now with Catherine Schaeffer, Sheila still conducts his rehab.

The Reunion was the first time Harry had been on an outing in the car since leaving the Metra. He didn't mind it. He did well at the reunion, no panic.

He sniffed my foot and touched my hand on the porch.

I would have driven to the ends of the earth for that.


  1. Hmmm...on this blog, I'd have to put my money on the dog being Harry. No idea about the people, however...I'm much better at recognizing dogs than people. (Permission to be embarrassed?)

    I'm really looking forward to your post about the Gathering. It looked like it was wonderful from the photos.

  2. Already saw the photos on Facebook, so won't give anything away except it's great seeing this dog doing so well.

    However, also noticed in 48 photos of happy dogs and their people that there was not a flexi to be seen in ANY photo. Honestly, some days I feel like the only person in Southeastern PA who refuses to use a flexi. It was good not to see the evil things!

    Given the state where the photos were taken, I wouldn't make any bets that there weren't any Glocks in the gathering! ;-)


  3. Can it be Harry and his people?

  4. I won't give it away but I will say I got teary just looking at the photo!


  5. Yep, right there with you Jan. (sniff, sniff)

    The whole ONB rescue effort is certainly a testament to the fact that ordinary people have the power to do extraordinary good in this world.


  6. I know the dog, and only have a good clue as to who is petting him because of something her hubby said. (This is definitely a moment for the warm fuzzies!)

    And Jean, don't feel bad....Many of us recognize the dogs before the people. At my first ES gathering, someone walked up and called me by name. I was surprised (and wondering if this was someone I was supposed to know), until she told me she recognized my dog, and figured it had to be me. I'm just as bad. :)

  7. I was in Heaven getting to cuddle this dog! I wasn't sure I'd ever see the day!

    All right, what is a Glock Dorene?

  8. Trish: Glock: a brand of pistols made by an Austrian company of the same name, perhaps most famous for their polymer weapons that are (or perhaps now, were) invisible to airport X-rays.

    Dorene: I saw one Flexi the whole gathering.

  9. @Trish --

    It was a take-off on Janeen's post here:


  10. I've edited the post to reveal the players.


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