Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Phriday: Jedi

At the Remote Polar Lair, Zip the Kelpie works on the frisbee.

Do, or do not. There is no "try."

Oh screw it. Just throw the damned thing already.


  1. Our kelpie Annie lives breathes and sleeps (well not really) frisbee!! in her world, it is the end all...screw sheep...frisbee are much easier to catch and control!!!

  2. At the barn where my daughter keeps her horse there is a little JRT who is an absolute ball maniac. One day several of us were there for a vet procedure. He brought his ball, dropped it at my feet, and looked at me with a look of great significance. When he decided that I was untrainable, he moved to my daughter and repeated the action. Then to the vet. Then to the vet's assistance. As a last resort, he dropped it between Jack's front feet. Maybe the horse is smarter than the people.

  3. Oh. Wonderful as they are, those photos do not even begin to hint at the intensity with which the Polar Dingo obsesses on discoid or spherical objects.

    Heather obviously used an incredibly fast shutter speed to counteract sonic vibrational frequency of Zippy's obsessive levitational stare. At normal speeds one would simply see a fuzzy, black and tan blur whining in manic anticipation.


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