Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos Phriday: Reunion

Just about a year from the day most of the ONB dogs were released from their status as living evidence, and able to be adopted, several score of them gathered in Red Lodge Montana, along with their new owners, their former handlers, and other friends.

Just somebody's dog now.


  1. The soft, happy expressions tell the story better than any words ever could. Lucky dogs, and happy owners!

    Great work, all.

  2. What a great slide show Heather! I've loved hearing about all success stories. Here's a question for you from an old post....At the end of you post about the "Paper plate recall" you mentioned "Later we'll revisit the paper-plate recall drill and discuss advanced variations with multiple targets and directionals.
    " Can you direct me to that post, I'd like to try it. Thanks, Susan

  3. Susan --

    Trying to get to it. I haven't been able to set up someone else to take photos for this post, so it has been in abeyance. It's a little harder to set up the photos because it's not one or two simple angles. I think I need to mow some of the hayfield that is on a particular slope in order to show the plates well.


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