Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a Tyro Does ...

... when faced with a complex, important task that she won't admit is far beyond her capabilities, requires a knowledge set she has not begun to master, and is not susceptible to her pin-headed ideology.


  1. the look on the dog's face is PRICELESS!!!

  2. and using a teleprompter is cooler because...?

  3. No - wait, wait - I get it! The teleprompter is for the clueless button-mashing shawk collar trainer who got three whole weeks of training and thinks that electroshock therapy will fix everything.

    Sorry 'bout that ;-)

  4. Don't make me call you fucking retarded.

  5. You peeps are priceless. Love you all.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUNPXoX5S7Q&feature=sub

  7. Do you follow the mudflats blog?
    Her February 9 post might interest you. She's one of those radical bloggers being mean to the politician you're poking fun at. She even took a hit for the team, read "Going Rogue", and summarized it so the rest of us could save our money.

    Cris in MT
    Happily retired ONB volunteer

  8. LMAO - thanks for the chuckle...

    Rachael Roper

  9. Yeah, but what's written on her OTHER hand???

  10. I am seriously SLOW tonight! Took me a few minutes...but I got it.

    And then I LOL'd.

    Poor Barry White; look at those eyes! Under which one of those little retorts would he fall?

  11. I puzzled quite a bit about what gormless slogans to put on the hand.

    Still not entirely satisfied. But I love how the photo turned out.

    It's interesting that most people seem to be responding to this post primarily as a statement about national politics.

    I think I was using national politics to make a statement about something else.

    But maybe that comes down to what I take as a given.

  12. ... sumthin' about making an ass outta you and me ...


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