Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to Jazzie Up Your Life?

Jasmine says it's all very nice here and all, but she would like to go home now.

Maybe your home?

She's looking for an owner who will provide her with structure and leadership. She's a natural follower, enjoys learning obedience, is clever, and gets along well with most other dogs.

I think she'd be a dab hand at agility, rally, frisbee, freestyle, or regular obedience with the right handler.

She might also do well as a farm dog.

What she wouldn't do well at is behaving herself if left in a yard where people walk by a lot, or reach over the fence. Or confined behind an invisible fence. She feels too vulnerable in such situations, and makes bad decisions about defending herself and the space.

Jasmine looks to her people for leadership when she's unsure -- so her person has to be there, and has to show or tell her what is to be done.

She's the bottom dog here. With most of the dogs, that means that she fawns on them and they accept it graciously. Rosie, however, thinks that Jasmine is Unnecessary. She stalks around the house muttering cruel things under her breath about how Jasmine has fat thighs and stupid fur* and a collar from the Goodwill. It's got Jazzie bummed out, though thankfully, no eating disorder or cutting or anything like that. This is why I won't let Rosie have a Facebook account.

So it's high time for Jasmine to move on to a home where her owner or owners can appreciate her for the bright, fun young thing she is, and bring out her potential.

Jasmine is still a little afraid of human children, so I'm going to stipulate a home without any young kids or feckless teens.

Video of Jasmine playing with Cole.

More on adopting Jasmine, and quite a few of her relatives, here.


* This is jealousy. Jasmine has much nicer fur than Rosie does.


  1. You made me laugh out loud...thanks.

    Miare Connolly

  2. Good luck, Jazzie, in your pending new adventures.

    Go ahead, have your lawyers put a shiny new collar from Tiffany's in your contract. Green jewels, I think, to off-set Rosie's stare. And your black-n-white fur is just fine!


  3. I wish all dogs came with this kind of write-up! Could you possibly foster every homeless dog in the country and then do a post on each so we can match them to the right homes?

  4. I was thinking the same thing. She is quite obviously not the dog for us, but I love the level of detail you went into without having to tell her whole life story or use awkward personifications.

    It's exactly what you need to know to decide if this dog, now, will work for you. No guilt trip necessary.d

  5. Oh, hi, Maddy.

    What are you doing in the snow?

  6. Fantastic information on her! She's not for me, as I have too many kids in and out of here and a dog that would just love the chance to bully such a soft girl. But I wish her the best of luck! With your help, I'm sure she will find the perfect home.

  7. She looks wonderful. I have to agree your description of her make highlights all her best features while ensuring people like me who don't have the right living situation for her don't try to tell themselves, and you, that they are the perfect home for her. May she find her forever home soon.

  8. She is wonderful! I enjoyed everyday that I got to play with her at the barn. She has gumption and I am so thankful for Heather's skills that have helped her learn how to channel that gumption.

    Jasmine, I wish you all the best and am excited that you are ready for your forever home!


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