Monday, February 15, 2010

The Other Pageant / Puppymill Connection

On this week's themes of pageants -- For Your Consideration:

Keep watching ... keep watching ... no, seriously, it gets much worse than you think it can.

According to The Examiner:

But what happened after the pageant? Did Makynli, in fact, get to keep the puppy, or was it given away?

"Yes, she kept Petey [the puppy] and they were crazy about him," Makynli's pageant coach, Christy Cosby, tells Pet News Examiner. "Unfortunately he was ran over just a few weeks ago and the family was devastated."

What is wrong with you people?!


  1. Why do you hate America?

    On the other hand, "Little Miss Sunshine" was a terrific movie.

  2. I think of it as a sort of sequel to "Best in Show."

    Love Steve Carrel.

    And we hatses Amerika becuz we are sekritt soshalist muslins.

  3. The logical consequences of this analogy vis-à-vis breeding will be left as an exercise to the reader.

  4. Aaak. It's like I know things like that are out there but I'm still shocked and repulsed. It is so very very far afield from my world (and thankfully my daughters' worlds as well). Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  5. [sigh] If she was human, I suspect that Zip would want to be prissy, pampered pageant princess - if the talent portion of the contest was organized like this one.

  6. Oh good lord. I couldn't get beyond "Mekynli" which took me three tries and saying it out loud to get it. Why on earth did they name her after an assasinated president and/or a mountain? Never mind, I don't really want to know; I suspect the answer would depress me even further.

  7. I watched my first episode of this drek just a few days ago out of curiosity.

    I wanted to burn my eyeballs out with a red hot poker.

  8. Dear god. I knew I shouldn't watch this clip, but I trusted you!! Now I have to wash the inside of my eyelids with chlorox. Where do these people come from??

  9. Paula G from IndianaFebruary 17, 2010 at 2:13 AM

    The mothers are bad enough....who would let their helpless puppies be given out like this?? I have five five-week old Bull Terrier babies right now, and I kept picturing somebody giving them away like this...I am almost in tears. The whole video made me sick.

  10. There was no part of that that didn't make me want to retch.

    Unfortunately, it reminds me of my sister and her kids involvement in sports. And their animal care. They're always very sad when something bad happens to a pet-but never get to the point of preventing it. It's good that I don't see them often.....

  11. Holy Cow! I wouldn't dream of doing something like this to my kids! This is a form of child abuse in my opinion. And I too wonder why the dog breeder allowed a pup as a reward?

  12. I will have the vomit in my mouth for days and days and days every time I think about this. Thanks a LOT, Houlie!


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