Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Phriday: The Only Thing Worse Than a Toad Living in Your Boot

Is, I am guessing, tucking in after a long night shift on bug duty, and waking up a few hours later because someone has picked up your house and is whacking it vigorously against another house in mid-air.

And then they stick a giant foot into your bedroom.

And then the yelling.

And then you get evicted.


  1. For a long time we joked about the 'mystery pooper' - the critter that came up onto our front porch every night and crapped profusely in the corner by the door.

    After I got lazy and left piles of dead leaves undisturbed in the corners of said porch I finally discovered him. A fat, brown toad noshing on bugs under my porch light.

    He goes well with the bats and swallows, so we let him stay.

  2. once i was driving and out of nowhere a large green tree frog jumped on my leg. I have no idea how he got in my car but he found a new home on a big oak tree.


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