Friday, September 4, 2009

Situation Wanted: Agility

What about this girl doesn't say "built for speed?"

Pacey is looking for an experienced competitive agility handler who wants to put in some training time and WIN BIG.

Pacey can outrun, out-turn, and outmaneuver all other dogs at the Metra. She is FAST, FAST, FAST.

She knows where her back feet are at all times. Wonderful proprioception.

She is bold on obstacles, including new and normally daunting ones.

Did I mention that she is FAST?

Wait, it gets better. After observing Pacey exercising with other dogs and buzzing the shed-row, I figured that her formal evaluation would be something of a rodeo, with a dog who constantly circled or paced ('cuz, you know, her name, too).

Took the leash, and she just dropped into heel and came along. Not because of the great training her handler has given her (and it has been great) but because Pacey is in total control of her own adrenaline. She can turn it on when she wants it, turn it off when she doesn't.

Wish I could do that. Don't you? How cool would that be?

Photos here

Adoption info here

There is a transport to the Eastern US coming in the second week of September, so interested parties (wherever you are) do not delay. We will also consider an application to foster Pacey, so if you would consider a foster-to-adopt or straight up foster-until-we-find-the-right-home, please, apply to foster. It takes time to process applications and check references.

Adopters should familiarize themselves with the ONB story on the NESR website, so that they know they are getting a basically untrained dog who has not lived with people before -- but has been handled and socialized for the past eight months. She will need time to adjust and plenty of basic training before she can start in the Big Leagues.

Please forward to all haunts frequented by agility folks. This little bitch has too much potential to squander. I can't believe she hasn't been snapped up before now.

And while I'm here ...

NESR still has more Montana dogs available for adoption immediately, and we have a great need for high-skill foster homes who can work with a project dog. Our timeline for getting all the dogs out of the county facilities in Billings is rather short.

If you have any questions about fostering or adopting, don't hesitate to ask.

Pupdate: Pacey got a forever home with an agility competitor in the Midwest about 30 seconds after I posted this to this blog and the English shepherd lists. Hoping to hear of her triumphs in the coming months and years.

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  1. Let me second Pacey's potential as an agility dog. I watched her play with some other dogs one afternoon. She could out accelerate, out stop, out turn, and flat out out run every dog there. Other dogs would run past her at full stride and she would take off after them. Within a few strides she'd pass them. The other dog would stop or turn and Pacey would stop or turn quicker.

    There weren't any obstacles in the yard but there were hay bales along the bottom of the fence. Pacey would run along the top of the hay bales faster than the other dogs could on flat ground.

    Part of our evaluation of the dogs included going up some metal stairs. Pacey went up and down them with ease in spite of never having seen anything like them before. So we took her over to some shakey aluminum bleachers. She was a bit tentative, but did go up and down them. What's more she knew where her back feet were and could place them on the next seat up with confidence.

    Finally, when watching her I'd been concerned about her reaction to the chaos of an agility trial. Her evaluation was at a very busy time at the Metra. She was unfazed by the chaos. One of the most stable dogs we saw. Heather and I were both stunned.

    Part of what we test for was the dog's willingness to connect with and take direction from a human. Pacey connected easily and was 100% committed to working for me, a total stranger. She climbed the bleachers the first time only because I asked. Outstanding.

    She'll be a great companion dog. She also needs and wants to be a great agility dog.


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