Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Phriday: Resilience

Why I love this breed: reason #793

Piper has never met a human child in her life. None allowed within the fence perimeter that has confined her since she was born.

I took Piper out of the fence for her personal interview. On the way back, we saw a cluster of people whom Piper knew and loved, and her adopter's young daughter.

For whom do you think Piper made a beeline, head low, smiling, tail and butt wagging?


  1. My golden loves two things above all others: 1. Small dogs or puppies. She spent one weekend treating two Jack Russells as if they were her puppies. 2. Small children. She goes crazy at the sight of small children, and she just grins ear to ear when little kids run up to her and pet her.

    I've known ES's that were of a similar disposition.

  2. That photo said it all. It reminded me of the ES I had growing up. Sam was my heart dog & best friend thru adolescence & teens.

    Piper picked her little girl. I hope she gets to keep her! I wish the same great joy Sam & I had.

    This is why it is all worth it....


  3. Seeing these beautiful dogs makes my heart hurt. I'm kind of relieved they're so far away from PA, or I could talk myself into one too easily. I have 3 rescues currently, and compete in obedience & rally with them, but heard that the ES's weren't great 'city' dogs.

    It's terrible to see what some dogs have to go through, but it's wonderful when they recover though. Thank you for all you do on behalf of your breed.


  4. I hope the puppies have a good home



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