Sunday, March 8, 2009

Voting Ends Tuesday, March 10

Hypno-Toad says You will vote for Moe.

You will tell all your friends and family to vote for Moe.

You will spam all your co-workers and be fired from your job, but they will vote for Moe.

You will embed the vote for Moe button on every page of your website and blog.

You will do this no later than Tuesday, March 10.

All hail Hypno-Toad Moe.


  1. Hypno-Toad strikes!

    I clicked on Moe, the cat! He was black and white, with a white star...I tried to stop, but Hypno-Toad Chant: Moe! Moe! Moe! Moe the cat's pic is right beside Moe the ES. My hypnotized hands were blind, and I couldn't stop the click!


    Go Moe!


  2. I always do what Hypno Toad says.
    (except after visits to the Brain Slug planet)
    Consider Hypno Toad's demands honored to my contact list.

    Go Moe!

  3. Eye. Allreddy. Vo Ted. Four. Moe. Redeep.

  4. I don't see where to vote; I just get the Bissell home page. I suspect it only works with US IP addys. I've tried a couple of times this week. Really.


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