Thursday, March 26, 2009

Extreme Poultry Cuteness II: Mountain To Muhammed

It's too cold and wet for the duckies to play outside in the just-greening-up lawn.

But I believe in exposing them to natural forage as early as possible.

So since Muhammed could not come to the mountain ...

Two big spadefuls of just-sprouting hayfield sod -- grass, weeds, worms, the works -- makes a very fine ducky snak-pak and play structure.

A fine place from which to proclaim unto the heavens.

Or thoughtfully contemplate the Nature of Life and Orchardgrass.


  1. These ducklings are so cute I'm going to have to {squee} like a girl. Oh. Wait. I am a girl.


  2. Must. Stop. Clicking. Mouse. On. This. Link.

    Am feeling weak...



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