Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote for Moe: Help His Relatives

With your help, Bailey has made it into the finals in the Bissell pet photo contest.

Bailey's owner has pledged the potential prize money (for an animal charity of the winner's choice) to NESR to help the Montana English shepherds.

Each week there is a new round of voting; the top three vote-getters go into the pool from which the Bissell people will choose three models for their vacuum-cleaner packaging.

We hope to get an English shepherd (whose owner has pledged the potential prize money to NESR) into the final round with each week of voting, maximizing the chances that the fabulous cash prize will go to help out the Montana dogs.

This week, it's our own Moe:

It's simple to add your vote to help the Montana ES. Just go straight to Moe's voting page.

They do require name and email (and swear they don't put you on any lists) and they do limit you to one IP address, one vote per voting period.

Which means, since you can't vote early and often -- please spam all of your friends, relatives, co-workers and ask them to VOTE FOR MOE. Be sure to send them the direct link, as there is more than one Moe in this voting period. (Ours is the handsome one.)

If you have a blog or a webpage -- ask your readers to VOTE FOR MOE.

The $10,000 grand prize could buy the lives of 30-50 of the Montana dogs.

Besides, Moe is one handsome Devil. And he could sell a lot of vacuum cleaners.

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  1. I have voted, I have also passed this link along to anyone and everyone I thought would be supportive.


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