Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've added a few more blogs to the roll at left.

By the way, the way it works is, the most recently updated blog moves to the top of the roll -- except for the ones that don't have the right kind of feed, which will remain at the bottom. There doesn't appear to be a way to fix that.

Okay, here's the deal.

If your blog pisses me off, I don't add it to the blogroll. If your blog is poorly-written, I do not add it. If your blog doesn't interest me, I don't add it. If your blog interests me, but is far from the rather broad scope of this blog and probably doesn't interest most of my readers, I don't add it. And if your blog has lots of interesting and useful stuff, but you occasionally indulge in dittohead right-wing rants or pre-programmed anti-scientific religious blathering, I don't add it. Unfortunately, a lot of the otherwise good farming blogs fall into that last category.

Farmers who don't believe in evolution. Oy vay.

End of discussion.

I also added a category of non-blog links to sites that don't sell anything, but are for the most part entertaining or useful. I'll be adding to it periodically.

I love Free Rice, which can be the greatest time-suck of all. Self-improvement for a good cause.

The Psychiatric Institute for Abused Cuddly Toys is unique and addictive. The dream sequences and memories ... wow!

And every dog owner should measure his or her animal and find out what size cage that dog can be confined in for his entire life. I'll be doing some photos here in the future.


  1. Shouldn't the NESR site be on the blogroll somewhere? I'm having to scroll down the blog posts to get the link to find out what's happening in MT. Someday, you'll add enough posts that the linkk will be several pages back.

    Considering that most of my collegues are seed savers, I'm blown that you're finding so many growers don't believe in evolutions. Actually, I've never asked the Plain Sect folks I know, but then again, they don't have blogs, either. . .


  2. I've noticed the "great farm writing" with nutty rants connections, too.

    As in "Everything I Do Is Illegal," a really great read by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms fame. Well, except for when he gets into things like how we wouldn't have all these goshdarn illegals who don't speak English ruining the country if we hadn't been so busy murdering our work force in utero.

    Ohhh-kaaaaayyyyy .... I really just wanted to know about humane, sustainable, regional farming.

  3. Good point Dorene. I've added a widget just for the Montana dogs, with links to my posts and to outside sites.

    What totally floors me is someone who can discourse knowledgeably about livestock genetics, the effects of selection for various traits, the effects of different management practices on pasture -- and then yabber off about how seckular hoomanists are poisoning their kids' spongy brains with Darwin-talk.

    I strongly suspect that most of these guys -- who are my age or a bit older -- are the products of a public school system that gave them, if not a great science education, at least an arguably scientific one. This indignation about children learning the central organizing principle of all biological science is, to my eye, both contrived and rather new. They've been convinced by ideologues that biological science is a commie plot.

    Without that basic background in the facts of life on earth they probably got reading Modern Biology in the tenth grade, they'd have no way of incorporating an understanding of selection into their farming practices.

    Divided consciousness. Not just for anorexics and gay-bashing Republicans anymore.

    As for rabid pro-natalists who blame abortion for redneck genocide (yeah Bubba, we do know who has most of them, and it isn't bi-coastal intellectuals), it's a bit like those zombies who tell you that you killed a dog in a shelter by buying a pup.

    Really? Did they guy who didn't adopt OR buy a dog today also kill a dog in a shelter? He didn't adopt a dog yesterday, either -- did he kill one then?

    Same thing. I've never had an abortion. I've also never been pregnant. I guess every day of my life that I didn't get pregnant, I was selling out white Christian America.

    Oh wait. Somebody did explicitly base an ideology and policies on just that premise. What was his name? Loud fellow, one ball? It'll come to me.

  4. Oh Heather: Haven't you heard the old saying? "There's no proposition so stupid you can't get three Nobel Prize winners to sign up for it."

    People compartmentalize their intelligence I'm afraid -- our own personal button gets pushed, the lizard brain takes over in a surge of emotion, and we employ all the rational faculties of a Komodo dragon to the issue at hand.

    People. Can't live with 'em, can't put 'em in a sack and throw 'em in the lake.

    Unrelated thought: my word verification today was "purboin." I love these non-words the system comes up with, I wonder if somebody does a website to give them definitions.

    --Ken Chiacchia


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