Friday, February 20, 2009


I know how fetch started.

Cavewoman was just trying to revise a contract finish scraping this deerhide.

Cavepuppy kept lunging for her Macbook ulu.

The savage beatings discouraged him just enough that he started on her living room rug sleeping skins.

Cavewoman distracted Cavepuppy with a kibble-stuffed kong chunk o' elk tendon.

Cavepuppy wanted to chew his prize, but he also wanted to be a pill. So he brought the prize to Cavewoman's lap and tried to chew it there.

Cavewoman tossed the kong tendon to get rid of the little furcoatrazorblade.

But away is not annoying, so it is not fun. And back he brought it.

The rest is history.

In truth, we cheat.

We have not raise a puppy in over 17 years.

Strike that. We have not raised a puppy. Lilly was born a six-year-old midget.

Lilly raised Mel. Lilly and Mel raised Pip. Pip and Mel raised Moe. Sophia has never grown up. Pip and Moe and Sophia have sorta raised Princess Rosie. And all are pitching in with reform school for young Spike.

A couple hours a day free-ranging, chasing after the Big Dogs and getting chewed on by guys four times his size, takes a tyke a long way towards civilization.


  1. Heather, I'm sitting here with Christina Cappelletti, and we're both enjoying the fact that you haven't lost your dry sense of humor. And Christina identifies with the kong/tendon story.

    It's so amazing (and a little scary) that you stumbled across that particular blog, since--and I'm not making this up--when I was sorting through the letters, I came across *many* from you, too, and wondered, "Whatever happened to Heather Houlahan?"

    And then there you were. My e-mail is rvhatha at-thingie gmail dot com.

  2. Spike has really awesome ears and is so super cute.


  3. oh Heather!!!! I had to come off my mountain today to file taxes, so here I sit at my daughter's PC trying to catch up on ES stuff everywhere I can find it. You, however, still remain my source of entertainment amidst all the seriousness, it seems. Me? Proud mama of Wylie T.Cowboy and Tasha Girl up here in Montana. So pleased to hear your stories of how the day goes. Why would anyone want to live where daily snow,ice, wind, etc. is part of their "American Dream"? Knocked sensless as a youth? Just so you know you're not alone: We still have at least 3 feet of snow, My day begins much like yours, with first warming the house, which leads to a warmer and more cheerful me (its hard when you have one ES spread out parcially over you, one warming your feet, a 20lb. cat somewhere on the other side, they don't want to move and I don't either). Bert the bird is first to fly up and get the dogs wrestling, Shortee Cat swatting at the dogs, damn, all the kids are awake. Its been below zero for a few days at night and last Thursday after raining it changed to snow, at least a foot of powder over a sheet of ice over a crust of snow that can swallow you if you vary your footing off the path I tread on to here or there, the road . . . Below zero means sun. Sun is a good thing, the solar panels don't seem to mind the cold. Alot of days I live in the clouds with beatutiful snow flakes just part of it. I'm always grateful we didn't put the solar panels on the roof! I just sweep them off and its a go! Wylie and Tasha terrorize one another with a two jointed leg bone from some critter long since passed to critter heaven, as it wacks them in the head while they run, sure it has come to life. My fav 4-whl drive started, I have it down, coast about 1/2 mile, then begin acceleration so as to make it up the biggest hill, then its a controlled slide most of the next five miles to the bottom and I-90. Wait! I thought I was going to complain! it is invigorating, and it is FUN! A Big Hey from Wylie T. Cowboy. I sincerely hope the MT rescue work is going well. For as much as I and Kerry would love to help, my options are few till spring thaw, no matter how much I would love to foster several ES. Love and Warmth sent your way- my time in town has come to an end! MT Mountain Queen


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