English Shepherd Litter 2013

We welcomed a litter of well-balanced working companions from Brandywine Briar Rose and Kimball's Jet Peaslee the first week of August, ready for homes the first week of October.

Our summer 2011 litter out of Rosie was sired by Caledonia Danny Boy, son of Jet.  We have been very pleased with the way these pups turned out. Danny Boy's softer, highly-biddable nature really did balance out Rosie's forward, pushy temperament without impinging on working drive and confidence. Those pups are now working in SAR, as farm dogs, agility dogs, shop dogs, dog trainers' assistants and active companions.

Jet and Danny Boy have very similar temperaments.

We chose Jet for this litter, which will likely be Rosie's last, because we like this genetic combination, and Jet brings a few additional things to the table that we like:

• More bone and substance. The Rosie/Danny pups are very light-boned and gracile, which I don't mind in an ES, but I don't want to go further down that path than I already have. Thus far this liter seems to have more bone than their half-siblings.

• Jet is a mature (eight years old) male with lifelong good health.

• Jet does a wide range of "as-needed" tasks on a very large, very active, very diversified farm that features constant activity and many people (owners, young children, employees, customers) coming and going. He thrives in this whirlwind and maintains a quiet, friendly, relaxed demeanor.

• Jet has duties regarding at least six species of livestock that have quite varied requirements.

 Pedigree for Jet x Rosie pups:

Litter of 5 females, 1 male born 8/4/13 Kimball's Jet Peaslee
DOB 12-15-04
OFA Good
Black and White
Porter's Cyrus Jim
DOB 8-29-02
PennHIP .27/.27
Black and White
Dunn's Duke II
Ward's Duchess
Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw
DOB 3-25-01
OFA Excellent
Black and White
It'za DeMost Happy Fella
Peaslee's Brighton
Brandywine Briar Rose
DOB 5-8-07
OFA Good
Sable and White
Thomas' Char-Gin Dersam Boston
DOB 1-18-04
PennHIP .25/.25
Sable and White
Dersam's Sparkplug
Dersam-Dollard's Ginger
Houlahan's Pipistrelle
DOB 2-7-00
OFA Good
PennHIP .71/.65
Kaschak's Dust-Dee
Kaschak's Cocoa
Pedigree generated by PedigreeQuery.com

An annotated five-generation pedigree for each parent is available on request.

As always, Brandywine selects ES for breeding that are stable and reliable
with other animals and human children
We are accepting applications now.

Contact me at houlahan@zoominternet.net to discuss the litter and receive an application.

We do not place on a "first-come, first-served" basis, but endeavor to make the best possible match of puppy to home. You may be an ideal owner for an English shepherd, but not a match for a pup from our litter. In this event, we will make every effort to direct you to another ethical breeder who may have a pup that will suit you better.

Our contract will be available for review when pregnancy is confirmed. Please read the contract before applying. If you have questions about any clause, I am happy to discuss it with you. The written contract is there to protect the puppy's welfare, the genetic integrity of the English shepherd as a working breed, your interests as the owner, and my interests as the breeder.

We got black and white and seal and white pups in this litter. There are variations in body type, with half the pups favoring their dam and half their sire.

For insight into our puppy-raising practices, here are some posts about Rosie's first litter:

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Please check the main blog periodically for updates and photos/video of the Jolly Crew.



  1. Are there still pups available from the 8/4/13 litter?

  2. Anne, I can't seem to email you to respond directly.

    I am still looking for a home for Miss Trudy, preferably a farm home. Check the most recent post on the main blog tab for info. Please EMAIL me at hhoulahan@zoominternet.net if you are interested.


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