Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snapshot Sunday: A Matter of Scale

Click any image to embiggen even more.

Native ladybug on green twill trousers.

Mystery insect. Ailanthus webworm moth.


Milkweed flowers

Cole and Mommy.


  1. Mystery insect looks like an Ailanthus Webworm Moth.

  2. Mystery insect looks like an Ailanthus webworm moth. Probably migrated north this spring.

    Nice macros!

  3. Wow - thanks for bending my brain a bit!

  4. Thanks for the bug ID!

    It didn't look like any kind of moth in person; it wasn't until I saw the zoomed-in photo that I thought it might be one, but still wasn't sure.

    If it eats ghetto palm, it is welcome to vacation up north.

  5. This is so very cool... :-)

  6. The one lens I have yet to enlist in my arsenal is a solid macro lens. I don't do enough of this kind of shooting to justify it, though the new primary isn't nearly as good as the general purpose lens I had previously at this range.

    Nice pics, Heather.

  7. I'm constantly second-guessing going with a high-end compact rather than a digital SLR.

    I look at photos and think, "With a better camera and the right lens, that would have been such a better picture."

    And then I admit, "I wouldn't have carried a much larger camera or the proper lens with me in the first place."

    It's a quandary.

  8. Why I don't spend much time at the LA Canon Digital Group: they are so hopelessly better than me.


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