Monday, June 13, 2011

Please Enjoy this Photographic Interlude While Your Operator Catches Some Z's

More later on our Gathering, but for now, a not-very-edited photo montage.


  1. Thanks Heather and Ken for a great event!

    jan and Marty

  2. Right after the head shot of Lilly, it needs to say -- "Bird!"

    All hyper adolescent bird dog energy, that one.

  3. What fun! Matilda looks so much like Opie...the expressive face, the ear feathers. A lovely dog.

    And Marty? Well, I'm all melty for that one.


  4. That was so much fun Heather! Lily was wound up Saturday, but yesterday and today have been exponentially worse with the cooler weather- I think she's on speed :) Lily certainly has some interesting pictures. Sorry we could not make it Sunday- I only had enough angel food cake mixes for one day :) Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves, and you did a fabuous job as host!

  5. That looks like it was a blast! (Argh, I just spent the last two hours reading your blog when I should have been sleeping! The dogs gave up & went to bed without me. I'm going to have to convince myself that your blog will still be here tomorrow so I can stop reading tonight.)

  6. Wonderful photos (and captions!), Heather. I have no idea how you managed to both run the event and take so many great photos. The second picture of Sparky is especially nice as he looks "soft" for once. But more than anything it's good to be able to put together names and faces, now that I'm not in a fog of fatigue.

    Enjoy you ZZZ's!

    Margaret and Sparky and SJ

  7. Was Katydid f/k/a ONB's Harper?

    Cris in MT
    Adopted by ONB's B&T Shadow girl

  8. I still can't believe how well Mr Barry White looks. I still go back to that evidence picture and can see that he's the same dog, but he just looks, well, ALIVE.

    How many honorary ESs were there besides the golden, the wannabe-ES and the wolfhound?

  9. Buttloads. Doberman, two GSDs, GSD mix, little terrier, big brown dog, medium brown dog. I may be forgetting some.

  10. Pepper, despite her owner's insistence, looks to me a bunch like some sort of Spitz mix. But as we all know my breed-IDing skills ain't all that.

  11. Pepper came from a West Virginia shelter that had a gas chamber, but sent off dogs to a Southeastern PA rescue when possible, so we don't have a breed history -- just guesses from observations from us and assorted dog people.

    We presented our vet with a 5-6 month old Border Collie with a funny looking tail. He was/is convinced, based on the dogs in his practice, that she was Border Collie, but especially because of the tail, was also Shiba Inu and suggested I read up on the breed.

    She has *really* gotten along with any Shiba she has ever met (and her greeting to them is different than her standard greeting), plus she won't do her business in her own yard which seems to be a Shiba trait, so I thought there might be something to it.

    Meanwhile, anyone who had a Schipperke told me that Pepper looked like the breed, but she's only ever met one (who she adored) so I haven't observed her with them as much.

    Her trainer (John Wadsworth of UPenn) said she was "95% Border Collie" and because she was very sensitive to throat sounds, thought there could be some Basenji in there.

    Through the Net, I heard about English Shepherds and on Janeen's blog, asked Heather and Janeen what the difference was between a BC and an ES. Heather gave me a list and based on the list, Pepper appeared to have ES traits, so I figured since Pepper was from West Virginia, it was possible she was a BC/ES landrace with a primitive thrown in.

    At the ES Gathering, folks seemed pretty sure Pepper didn't have any ES in her, so I've dropped that thought.

    As I've heard the Schipperke before, I'm definately weighing in that direction, plus the Border Collie because her trainer spent a lot of time with her and was completely convinced she could do anything any other BC could do.

    My vet, however, stands by his assestment. He really likes her and more importantly, she really likes HIM and when she's hurt, I'd rather take her to someone she genuinely seems to trust, so there we are.

    Overall, it's nice to have an idea of background so that we can know what to expect, but the bottom line is that we'll have had Pepper for 8 1/2 years at Christmas and we really, really like having her in our lives.

    She's a great dog, regardless! :-D


  12. SookeyCapote@aol.comJune 22, 2011 at 5:58 AM

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  13. Um, no, no she isn't, and no they won't.

    The shaggy gray dog is a Scottish deerhound who is very much loved and owned and in her forever home.

    What could have possibly given the impression that the dog was some sort of out-of-luck panhandler?


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