Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chili, Fulfilled

Are you ready for the secret ingredient?

Are you sure?

Okay. Use responsibly.

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Unsweetened. An ounce (one cube) or so per stockpot. This brand from the supermarket is okay, but we like the better-quality bulk stuff we can get at the co-op or specialty stores. Just toss it in when you add the tomato paste.

I have also used some unsweetened powdered cocoa that was so dark that no light could escape its surface, and that worked well. You want that wholesome bitterness to interact with the acid ingredients, meat and fats.

It adds richness, complexity, and authenticity to the chili. Chiles, beans and chocolate are traditional partners in Mayan cuisine.


  1. I'll use any excuse to add dark chocolate to my life. The best news in a long time was the health benefits of dark chocolate.

  2. Chocolate! I am so making this chili!

  3. It's a big -4 F right now (Colorado) expected to maybe hit a whole zero - I think chili would hit the spot for dinner! Thanks for sharing Heather!

  4. Chocolate is used in moles in Oaxaca. I use cocoa. Try a pinch or two of cinnamon, also.

  5. You want to really kick it up? Use Ghiradelli's Bittersweet instead with a little extra toasted ground cumin seed.To...die...for...


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