Friday, January 21, 2011

Can we Hope to Change the voting tally?

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Cole is not getting nearly enough votes in what we here at Brandywine Bone & Breakfast think of as the Vacuum Cleaners for English Shepherds Sweepstakes.

Please don't make the nice people in the Bissell marketing department choose between a selection of eyeless cats when all is said and done. Because sure, we love our animals no matter what their handicap, but fact is, advertising models are not supposed to make the viewer jump back and shriek "Gaaah! What happened to him?!"

The sneaky spying statcounter tells me that lots of you blog readers aren't taking a few seconds and going to the Bissell site to vote for Cole.

I guess you are not only uninterested in yesterday's Secret Ingredient, but you don't want to see photos and video of effing adorable English shepherd puppies, either.

Adorable English shepherd puppies whose vet bills are not being covered by The Rescue Fairy.

Remember, it's Chicago-style voting -- early and often. Vote for Cole every day.

More important, get your friends, co-workers, and family to vote for Cole. Tweet him, Facebook him, have your Grandma post him on MySpace, email-bomb your contacts. Get him into the finals, and he'll do the rest. Don't just vote for Cole -- I'm asking you to Campaign for Cole.

In case you haven't grokked the pattern, this is Raised by Wolves' version of a PBS pledge week. Except we're not asking for any money, just a few seconds of your time. And I promise you, I can be just as annoying as Nina Totenberg with a travel mug.


  1. If only it didn't require registering with Bissell to vote. :(

  2. Sigh.

    As I have said many times, this is the third year of this contest, I've been registered that entire time, and Bissell has *never* spammed me.

    I don't know what else I can say.

  3. I've never gotten anything from them either. And they apparently don't pass it along. You're pretty safe, I think. They are just trying to keep the contest fair, it's a lot of money to give away!


  4. Must. Learn. Secret. Ingredient.

    I keep a Yahoo email for any occasion when I'm afraid a company might use my main email for spamming.

  5. I'm with Janice. But I have a totally fake email address for such things, and I just gave my residence as the address of a university about forty miles away. And a telephone number at that university.

    Lies lies lies. All for Cole.

    W/V: Randenoc. Someone from Provence skiing off-piste?

  6. I have tried to register and vote, but they tell me that my email address is invalid.
    I will try again, but darn it all!

  7. Whoops, now it says "Down for maintenance". Maybe that is why it wouldn't take my info.
    I'll keep trying!

  8. I'm voting, I'm voting! I'm on day 3 or 4, I'll just keep doing it every morning, so go ahead and send me puppy videos and tell me the chili secret ingredient OK? I won't tell.

  9. OK - done and done and done - third vote for my great granddog Cole.


  10. I see that Bissell buys into the "pet parent" pap. This time I registered and voted anyhow, but.... gag.


  11. Stupid site is down for maintenance on a Saturday morning, which totally throws off my day.

    Puppy videos anyway? :-D

    Really, I'll get back and vote later today!


  12. I know, Donna, I know. What can you do?

    I have a principle about people/organizations that are stupid, or thoughtlessly do/say stupid things that are particularly annoying to me, or are even malevolent (to a point), and that is --

    As long as the money only flows one way ...

    I do like it when entities that do not sell "pet" goods and services recognize the place that animals occupy in our lives -- car companies, hotels, restaurants, and why not vacuum cleaner manufacturers?

  13. Done. And I want the secret ingredient.

  14. I am sadly torn. The case for Cole is hard to dispute, but my rescue group has an adoptee who is also competing.


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