Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Chicago Method

It's a real pity I have no musical talent*, because I totally rule at coming up with names for bands. Bands should hire me to name them. I ask, who would not want to see a show where Healthy Rumen opens for the Arctic Dingos? You would pay a $5 cover for that one, wouldn't you?

Alas, there seems to be no prospect of developing this side-business.

But you can help me fulfill my (revised) destiny by helping me name a book.

The Call for Recipes that went out over email lists and blogosphere for the new National English Shepherd Rescue cookbook was a ripping success; in fact, the cookbook will be a little bit behind schedule because of the sheer volume of drool-inducing recipes submitted by ES lovers and friends.

Now we need a title worthy of such epicurean excess.

Ever on the lookout for more ways to help homeless English shepherds, NESR is putting it to a vote.

And you can vote early and vote often -- the Chicago method. As often as you like, provided you are willing to part with a greenback each time.

Buck a vote. Now you have to stop calling us commies.

My entry is #2. Rescued: Recipes Too Good for the Pound.

The entry with the most votes will be the title of the cookbook, which will be available for pre-orders (with pre-holiday delivery) next week.

But wait, there's more. It wouldn't be a real Chicago-method vote without bribes.

Every Raised by Wolves reader who votes for entry #2 and tells me in a comment on this post will get his or her name dropped in the hat for the Brandywine Farm Basket of Noms drawing. (Be sure to comment on this post on the blog, and not on another post, a facebook thread, etc.)

One vote, one buck, one slip in the hat. If entry #2 wins, one lucky blog reader who voted will receive a care package of farm-raised good eats from Brandywine Farm. Vote fifty times, donate fifty dollahs, get fifty chances.

Specific contents will depend on how far the goodies have to ship and any preferences of the recipient, but will also include one copy of the cookbook for your very own.


* Zero. Zip. Nada. Don't ask. Because, no.


  1. You got our vote!
    Valerie & K9 Herbie

  2. You got my vote!

  3. Voted!

    I would go see Healthy Rumen, by the way. Sounds like more of an opener for Gorgoroth or Immortal, though. Arctic Dingos have more of a punk-ish bent to the name.

  4. I voted for you! All you have to do is bribe me with the potential for food. I also contributed some recipes, so I'm excited about seeing the cookbook published so I can harass my friends into buying copies.

  5. You got my vote!
    Sheryl & Kodi ONB

  6. love the fact that I could enter multiple votes at once (teehee)

  7. I've voted 20 for your title - save the prize for your nieces.


  8. 5 from me. I hope you include one of those fabulous Freedom Rangers - loved the two I got from the ONB auction!

  9. All right, see what 10 more does to your standing!

  10. 2 votest for you -- and 3 for Janeen because my heart is pure. ;-)



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