Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snapshot Saturday: Follow Me?

This is Sophia, barking on a SAR refind.

She is demanding that I follow her to the person she has found.

It is fortunate that humans do not have stop-action eyes.


  1. Where are the other two heads?

  2. I did not know that Tasmanian Devils were used to search for lost humans.

  3. As someone who is very used to looking at GSDs barking up close and in person, this isn't scary at all. She's a happy dog. Yes, there's a lot of hardware on display but she has no intent of using it. A dog that considers using the hardware an option just looks different. I wish I had some pictures that showed Lodi doing some serious barking, but alas I don't at least not from that point of view.


  4. It's not the hardware that is alarming, but the freakish distortions in the software.

    Something that I am glad I cannot see in real time.

    I've got photos of Lodi barking from that same vantage point, but he was not serious.

  5. Rob --

    You asked for them:

  6. Douglas,

    I had my own moment along these lines with Lodi. After I'd put on the sleeve and done some amateur agitation for him, I got a chance to view H2's 5-megapixel captures of the events. He looked like the very hound of Hell, even though he'd clearly, obviously been having a ton of fun and communicated playfulness to me at the time.

    I think that stop-motion photography can be very easy to misinterpret. Not to get overly political, but bear in mind that a California defense attorney was able to slow down a beat-down to the point where a jury was willing to believe that its victim was trying to get up and fight his assailants, when in real time it was obvious the poor guy was just flailing under the blows.


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