Friday, September 17, 2010

Photo Phriday: Barry White, One Year Out

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Last Saturday marked one year since Mr. Barry White arrived at Brandywine Farm via Alice, the Barking Bus.

He came to Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group's Effective Sweep Width experiment with his owners, Don and Deb.

I was in the woods when he arrived, and met him in the crowd when I got back. He was astonished. You? Here? How?

There were dozens of people, cars coming and going, rowdy teens, an ATV mule shuttling personnel. Did not seem to bother him a bit.

He approached Cait, whom he had never met, and asked her to pet him.

That is all.


  1. Dude. There's a place in heaven with y'all's names on it. A big, shiny place.


  2. That is all? That is EVERYTHING!

    Cris in MT

  3. What Janice said.

    I can't believe how *relaxed* Barry looks.

  4. Ditto Janice and Gina.

    LOVE stories like this - they're what keep me going when I'm working with a case that's been deemed "impossible".

    Solid proof that with the right direction, dogs can just "let it go."

    No human would have come out of that situation without permanent psychological damage. Barry and every volunteer who helped him get to where he is today is a walking testament not only to what dogs are capable of - but what PEOPLE are capable of doing for dogs when they pull out all the stops and never stop believing that they will succeed.

    Congrats, to all involved. I can honestly say that the work done with Barry and his extended family is some of the best rescue work I've ever seen. Heather, a manual for rehabilitation of hoarded/neglected/unsocialized adults and puppies is desperately needed by the rescue community who has the desire but not the tools to accomplish what your group has done here.


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