Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Phriday: Poncho

The weather this year seems to be encouraging the burdock to an unreasonable degree.

Or someone spilled some of this stuff here.

Cole could use a poncho. Unlike the other ES's coats, his is highly absorbent. Nickname: Sponge Dog Square Pants.


  1. We've had some pretty large rhubarb leaves this year, but the whole "poisonous" thing makes the idea a definite no-no.

  2. Are you sure that's not a cabbage leaf?

    And any way, Cole is so tiny that you could hide him under almost any leaf.


  3. That's not the story my gramma told me about where puppies come from ...

    Cole has grown. 38 pounds at his last weigh-in -- almost normal ES sized.

    I got a picture of Rosie wearing the same leaf, but Cole was a much better sport about it.

  4. Burdock is quite useful... roots are good in stir-fry too. Here's a couple neat ideas for cooking them...

    Now if only you had Perilla... That's flavorful and awesome...

  5. Please -- once you have Perilla, you've always got it. One plant from a friend or a bag of seed and you'll never be without it.

    Perilla makes a pretty tea that comes with its own sweetner and it keeps the pollinators happy (which is always a good thing), but what else raises it to "awesome" level?


  6. Perilla is quite edible, makes a great salad green, a wrap for rice and other veggies, it can be lactofermented... It improved the health of a nation since it was one of the few food items readily available to everyone (normal), and was scorned by the wealthy as a "poor persons food." The seed produces a wonderful oil that is high in the omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid. Perilla seeds are eaten by people and used as bird seed. It's used for cooking as a drying oil, and as fuel.

    For each 100g it contains:
    -Energy: 37 kcal
    -Water: 86.7 g
    -Ash: 7.5 g
    -Potassium: 500 mg
    -Calcium: 230 mg
    -Iron: 1.7 mg
    -Manganese: 2.01 mg
    -Vitamin A Beta Carotene: 11000 micrograms
    -Vitamin K: 690 micrograms
    -Vitamin B1: 0.13 mg
    -Vitamin B2: 0.34 mg
    -Folic Acid: 110 micrograms
    -Vitamin C: 26 mg
    -Dietary (roughage) fibre: 7.3 g

    We eat lots of Perilla in my family, both as a fresh green, and as Ban Chan (side dish - like kimchi)


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