Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snapshot Sunday: Bones on Blue

None of the photos I got can do it justice.

The crown of this ancient sycamore against the deep blue sky pulled a gasp from me today.

Mingo Creek County Park, in Washington County, PA. Maybe the best park in Western PA.


  1. Druidic is well stated. In his column of December 12/09 (originally published October 09 in the Irish Voice)in the Irish Central, Cormac McConnell writes of the Full Moon over County Clare and goes on to talk of a man who read fortunes from the leaves of his sycamore tree.

    Slainte: Dad

  2. That's lovely. And it almost looks like a summer sky....

  3. Hi, Heather, I'm not actually anonymous, I am Anne Stewart. I was lucky enough to adopt an ES through NESR about 10 years ago. He was "Beau" and is now "Fergus" and of course is one of the Best Dog Evers. I found your blog through the NESR. I had been absent for a while and had no awareness of the ONB. Your posts have made me weepy. ( Also I have fallen in love with Barry White and Cole...) I only wish that I was in a position to adopt more, but Fergus is very happy as the Only Boss Dog. I wanted to let you know that I am the one who has been cruising your blog on 2/2/10 just to let you know. Thank you for all of your work. Your writing is exceptional!

  4. The McConnel article is here:

  5. Hey Heather, I lost your email address a while back. Came across this article about some research going on here at the UW and thought you'd be interested.

    Great photo!

    - Dan


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