Monday, January 25, 2010

Irregularly Scheduled Programming

Perfesser Chaos has hooked me with repeated contact buzzes on this highly-addictive British ... well, let's call it a "car" program.

Actually, what it is is bunch of entertaining man-boy idiots who are having way too good a time playing with toys that go vroom.

I particularly enjoyed their take this week on the question "Did communism ever produce a decent car?"

Check out the four-way race that is introduced at about the 4:05 mark.

If the show was filmed in the US (which it never could be, because American man-boy idiots do not know how to be entertaining -- they always just go for the dick joke) I'd say the second-place finisher was an English shepherd.

My guess is he's one of the dogs they call "working collies" in the UK, perhaps considered a border collie, perhaps not.


  1. "....choice of trim levels...unusual in a single-party state."


    Liked the dog. :)

  2. The Soviets weren't into making good cars. They were much more concerned with making efficient public transport, which they had. They may have had to stand in line for hours and hours to buy things, but they did try to have good public transportation until the end, when like everything else in that system, all things went to hell:,1094238

  3. 1) There is, in fact, an american version. You're right. It's terrible.

    2) If their humor amuses you, and you've ever heard of gordon ramsey (the cooking guy), one of my favorite video clips ever involves him and one of the top gear guys in a cooking/eating competition. Look it up on youtube. Very, very funny.

    3) Also love their episode on the american mustang. 'we went looking for the straightest piece of road in Britain'. And the series about destroying the toyota pickup is classic.

  4. I frickin' WORSHIP that Toyota pickup truck. I want to visit its shrine.

    Oh, also, Gordon Ramsay more or less lives in our living room.

  5. "If the show was filmed in the US (which it never could be, because American man-boy idiots do not know how to be entertaining -- they always just go for the dick joke)..."

    This aside -- brilliantly on point but just tossed in there -- is the reason I love this blog.

  6. If you watched "Follow That Food" with Gordon Remsey on the Food Network and saw the garlic episode, both myself and my garlic are featured in the episode.

    It was a fun day filming in NYC, but Gordon wouldn't try the medicinial garlic syrup I brought with me. The chef at the restaurant actually put some in a wine glass and swilled it while we were filming which weirded out Ramsey so badly he wouldn't let the cameraman film it.

    The chef's mom grew garlic -- he was a cool guy! :-)


  7. That's Sean's favorite show EV-er. Watch the episode where they go to Florida - comedy genius.

    Also, they did a great episode near my cousin's place, on the Isle of Man.

  8. How can we forget the communist inspired Yugo and the subsequently not offered in production, Yugo stationwagon named by the Magliozzi brothers, the Wego. Can we forget the the Yogo driven by Mary Kate tagged by the Pennsylvania Patrol on the PennPike at 106 mph; not quite leaving ground effect. They said it couldn't be done.



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