Monday, October 19, 2009

Snapshot Sunday: Socialize

Cole was pulled from a pile of dogshit on his abuser's property when he was a month or so old. He spent the rest of his life, until September, behind the sheriff's evidence perimeter. He got to know and like a lot of people, but never saw a kid.

The first kid he ever saw at close quarters was a deranged-looking-and-acting toddler who came running right for him, face level and full-frontal. Cole backed up in alarm, round-eyed, and growled nervously and very, very softly. What the hell is that thing?! I just leaned forward to both greet and intercept the free-range house-ape, modeling what I wanted him to see.

Five seconds later, Cole's alarmed round eyes changed to astonished, and his ridiculous squirrel tail began to wiggle. Omidog, it's a tiny human! How cool is that?!

And that's how Cole's Day of Discovery went at the Audubon Society Apple Fest. By the afternoon, he was playing "needle in the haystack" with the little children as if he'd been romping with them all his life.

Absolutely essential to Cole's future as a working dog. Liking kids is not optional.

Saturday AMRG did wilderness safety programs for 600+ Cub Scouts/Parents. Pip, Rosie, and Cole assisted. Every one of the cold, wet scouts helped to "socialize" Cole.

As a donut-spare English shepherd, he has found that he heartily approves of downsized humans. Something about playing with action figures that are on the same scale.


  1. How wonderful for Cole! It is so amazing so see the dogs that were so afraid become so accepting and loved by others. I miss you Cole but know that you are in a better place and are becoming the awesome dog that you were meant to be!

    Billings, MT

  2. What a nice discovery!

    It's so nice to know that you have a blank slate who is willing to take a step outside the comfort zone. I'd think that a lot of blank slates would be so ensconced that they'd just not want anything to do with a minihuman that ran around, made strange noises and did strange things.

    Good boy, Cole!

    Have you heard at all from Spike's home about how he's getting along?

  3. Cole looks so much like Charlie that that picture kinda creeps me out.

    No one but you will probably get that, but that's probably just as well...


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