Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snapshot Sunday: Guest Blogger

While our plans for a simple, one-day, finish-by-sunset-and-grab-a-beer roofing job on the barn gang aft agley on Saturday with the discovery of rot in the base, our emphatically non-farmer nieces had to find ways to entertain themselves while Dad, Uncle Ken, Aunt Heather, and "Uncle" Bill bled money and profanity all weekend.

Fourteen year-old Brady borrowed Bill's camera, and came up with these:

Cole and Rosie: Vicious and Dangerous

Bwaaa haaa -- just kidding

Still-life with dew and turkey feather

Pokeweed after frost

Narragansett jake strutting


Ameraucana cockerel. Rooster voted least likely to end up as coq a vin this year.

The new generation of young photographers is going to be a fearless bunch -- liberated from the expense of film, able to get instant feedback on what "worked" and what didn't, and open to experimenting and accepting the happy accident. I envy them the freedom of digital, even as I'm nostalgic for the stink of developer and the pall of the red light bulb.

That said, the kid is a better photographer at fourteen than I am after almost three decades of on-again, off-again efforts -- the last six with decent quality digitals.


  1. XD You picked the best pictures!!! The rooster and those hot-pink berries were my favorite.


  2. Laurel has discovered that pokeweed berries make a gorgeous purple ink. But if you make a gallon of it at a time, it grows mold. :-(

    Great pictures. Very impressive Tom.


  3. As simple as it is, the dew and turkey feather is probably my favorite. It's just something that a lot of kids (and/or adults?) might not get to experience. Goose, bird, and duck feathers are one thing...but to find a turkey feather in a grassy area where you hear nothing but nature and sounds of farm life is one of those simple pleasures.

  4. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Billings, MT

  5. Congrats to him, these are fantastic photos! I love the one of the rooster.

  6. Interesting name for a photographer -- Brady.

    Very compelling pictures indeed. The problem I always have with digital is what to do with the hundreds and hundreds of garbage photos (accidental shots of the lens cap, blurry finger pictures, etc.) you have to wade through to find the dozen or two you really like.

    And then there's the constant whispering of new camera bodies every two or three years. "Oooh, don't you want a self-cleaning image sensor? How about that 10 fps shutter? Or how about ISO 25,600 ... shoot by candlelight!" I've held off for a couple years (ever since the Canon 1D Mark IIIs came out, they halved the price on the Mark III), but it's getting harder to resist ...

  7. These are great pictures! Really capture the mood of the farm and the day.


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