Monday, June 1, 2009

Take the Quiz

From here to Paris Hilton's feckin' purse, MC/Visa accepted

Here's a well-designed quiz on the ways that puppymillers coff coff high-volume breeders and their retail accomplices dupe the dog-buying public.

Remember, folks, when you line up with money in your teeth to be robbed by these institutionalized animal abuse systems, you not only end up with a personal heartbreak, you get a gift-with-purchase -- the knowledge that you have personally funded the continued torture of your damaged pet's parents, and their inevitable ('cuz you paid for it) replacements.

1 comment:

  1. How many of Paris's puppies come from puppy mills?

    My guess is virtually all of them.

    She often says that her latest beau picked up a "rare teacup Pomeranian" (read: very small and probably unhealthy Pomeranian) or some other poor wretch at a pet store.

    Paris would probably fall for the Toy Munchkin scam, but hey, it's her daddy's money.


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