Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snapshot Sunday*: Courtship

Took Rosie to the NADOI meeting last weekend. The Snarkmistress General was in full fun-police form, disapproving of any frivolity expressed by any of the other dogs. Okay, just generally disapproving of the other dogs.

On Saturday night, we figured out why. Dazzle, a young Malinois who is just discovering the wonderfulness of his magic nether orbs, was sniffing very intently at every spot where Rosie had sat down.

Ohhhh ... we're at the "take his face off" state of proestrus, are we?

Apparently, we are.

And apparently, we quickly change our minds.

It's okay, he says he's a cop.

Then quite suddenly, he's adorable.

How can you tell from a still photo that Rosie isn't getting ready to launch at Dazzle in earnest?

Look at her front legs -- they are mirroring his. The splayed-out V shape as her chest goes down is a play cue.

Since Rosie doesn't really promiscuously play with strange dogs, this is courtship.

After buzzing the room at top speed several times, she raided his crate and stole his chewie, absolutely confident that he'd let her get away with it.

It was someone else's turn to feel dubious.

Apologies for the photo quality. My camera was very miffed by being asked to take high-speed action shots in the poor lighting. The hotel carpet pattern just gave it a Canon coronary.

* Cuz we missed Photo Phriday this week.


  1. Rosie is absolutely darling and a terrible flirt, apparently.

    Someday I want an ES. :P Threatened to trade the collie in for one today when she gave me a terrible scare.

  2. She's discovered The Power - hopefully she will use it wisely but probably she will just use it to get away with as much bossy behavior as she possibly can.

  3. Cait --

    If Rosie had been a couple weeks further along in her cycle, you could have had a jenyoowine Kentucky Malerd.

    Dat's de result of a Malinois dat whispered sweet tings in da ear uf da shepherd.

    Dey is brown dawgs. I tinks.

    Barb, there is no chance in hell that Rosie will use her power for good. She already knows all about it, as she uses it twice a year to claim extraordinary pathetic deference from her brother, who is neutered but claims to have never received the memo informing him of this.

    And then of course, there's the five days of Tennessee family reunion at the end of it. They especially like to tie at the very top of the stairs, the better to give me the vapors when it looks like they are going to tumble down in flagrante delicto.

  4. [sound of banjo duets]

    Where *does* that Brandywine hypersexuality come from? Brother Audie will cheerfully do anything that stands still long enough.

    ...'cept humans of course

  5. HA! That could have been a photo of Lex and ANY unneutered male who comes into her presence. She is generally unfriendly (not mean, just not social) towards any dogs her size or larger - unless, of course, they are intact males. In which case she does "Da Dance Of Da Doggy Whoore"

    Her dad swears that HIS precious virgin daughter would never do such a thing - but we got the opportunity to show her to him in full action the other day at work when she was using her female wiles on an intact male Collie.

    Ah, teh girliness...

    She sounds very much like Rosie in many respects... very strong, very controlled, very in charge. Until a hunky hairball catches her eye. Then she just looks at us with that "Please don't judge" face. ;O)

  6. Dear The Dog House and everyone else,

    Please to be sending pretty lady dogz to Texas soon. Iz very handsome and Oh-Eff-Ay Prelim Gud. Haz pointy nose and is not TOO fluffy. My mom says I am getting tutored and then cackles. I am very worried about this.
    Collie Kisses,

    (who is indeed getting 'tutored' very soon. :P Keep fingers crossed for us, think I found a collie breeder to nominate for your other post, but do not want to excessively fangirl yet.)

  7. This post and the commencts gave me a gooood laugh. My new girl is fixed, but sometimes I wonder because she'll get pretty flirty with the boys sometimes!

    /Pppsst Heather check email pls? You still going to look at journal articles?

  8. My 13yo, probably spayed at 6months (she was 8mo when I got her) Aussie bitch offers to grow a new uterus for the intact boys. She does love the smell of testosterone! Neutered boys? "Get away from me, you idiot!"

    It'll be interesting to see her 4mo little "sister" when she comes in season for the first time. Hope we've got another 6 months to find out!

  9. Hehe... Lex would be happy to purchase the very first available ticket to Texas. I have the feeling that it will only be a few weeks until her little sister would happily travel along as well (Fable will be seven months on the 21st).

    Looking forward to both topics, btw. :O)


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