Monday, June 6, 2022

Nae king! Nae quin! Nai laird! Nai master! We willnae be fooled again!

 Brandywine Farm is currently occupied by a brawling, rolling, apparently drunken mob of Wee Free Men.

Welcome to the Nac Mac Feegle, Clay-Over-Limestone Clan.

Rob Anybody is the Big Man.  No one knows why.

Nearly Big Angus. He's nearly big. Unlike his brother William the Gonnagle, his white blaze meets his collar over his head.

It is not, as far as we can determine, true that Big Yan consumed an entire brother. But Big Yan is big. He identifies as a Saint Bernard Puppy.

Daft Wullie is not noticeably more daft than his brothers, but he is certainly Wullie.

William the Gonnagle has had something to say since he was about ten days old. He keeps saying it.


  1. Yan looks absolutely gobsmacked, taken aback and utterly shocked that anyone would think he could have consumed an entire sibling in utero.

  2. Daft Wullie has really got me. What a face.

    - Haley

  3. Would you consider doing a blog on your thoughts on choosing a pet dog? I have read your posts on choosing breeders, choosing a working dog, the dangers of getting two pups etc. My apologies if this is a cheeky thing to ask, I just think your thoughts on this would be interesting. I get the impression you've seen a fair number of bad dog/human fits.


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