Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Beast Wants What the Beast Wants

Moved the Jolly Crew into larger and more secure day digs today, and then plopped down in there with them.

A little girl crawled into my lap and seemed entirely content as Rosie settled in to feed the rest of the swabbies.

I put her into the scrum so she wouldn't miss a meal. She left the pigpile, crawled around her mother, and hoisted herself back into my lap.

This puppy has spent plenty of time being cuddled in her twenty days on the planet, but has never crawled into a lap under her own power before.

Just give her the lap and you will be okay.

Lesson delivered: even if one is not yet three weeks old, food is not love. Food is not better than love. And food is not what we should offer to someone who wants and seeks something more substantial out of life.

Trainers and dog owners, cogitate as is.*

Parents, educators, employers, political leaders, you may, as appropriate, substitute "money" for "food" and adjust accordingly.


*Yes, I am ashamed of myself. Thanks for asking.


  1. What a lovely puppy. It's amazing that they can form such pronounced opinions at such a young age.

    1. Pronounced opinions? A daughter of Ebil Rosie? Naw, couldn't be.

  2. HAH, that one was #4, right?

    I always pick the pushy bitches.

  3. This left for a little bit. People? Meh. Gots things to do. A few months ago it came back, and she's more recently had a new surge of being pushy about getting scritches NOW please while I sit on your belly and crawl on your head. Loves and cookies are still the only things she's pushy about.


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