Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Choosing and Raising a Small Farm Dog: Short Form

By request from many of the wonderful participants at my farm dog presentations at the Mother Earth News Fair on Saturday, I have uploaded my powerpoint slides to the web. You can find the presentation here.

I added notes to the presentation, since the slides are mostly just mnemonic cues for me while I'm gabbling and a chance to put in some pretty pictures . The notes don't show up when you view the powerpoint online, but should if you download it. The urls for further resources are there on the slides.

After the Roseannadannas are all launched (I'm at three today, it will be two by Thursday) and I'm done feeling sorry for myself and moping around, I'll have more to say on this, concentrating more specifically on English shepherds, with in-depth information about health concerns, intelligence-gathering before purchase, and how to find an ES whose specific temperament is right for your farm and home.


  1. Really well done presentation! Shouldn't leave much doubt in anyone's mind what to look for in a working farm dog. And lots of great pictures of handsome dogs, to boot. :)

  2. Very, very nice. I tried to download but evidently you have to "belong" to Facebook - which I don't and won't.

  3. I'm not on fcebook and I had no problem viewing your excellent slide show. The two pictures of Barry White made me cry.

    jan @ NESR

  4. No problem viewing it -- cannot download it to see the text.

  5. Very neat presentation, but I came here to tell you that that one picture of Barry White gets me every single time. I look at it, and my brain tells me I'm looking at a picture of a dead dog.

    It made me go back and re-read all of your ONB posts. Did you ever get around to writing about the "legendary J-pen"?

  6. Good presentation, Heather! Very appropriate! I have a bunch of folks asking me about ES for small poultry and market garden operations, as opposed to LGD. I would love to have, and pass on, your downloaded version, however I refuse to submit to the FB/Scrib requirements to get it through them. Would it be possible to get a copy through email or another method? Thanks.

    Apex, NC

  7. Margaret, I'm sending it now. It is rather large.

    The Mother Earth News Fair website will eventually have these up; I'll update this post when that happens.

  8. Really nice Heather!
    Our Sagan (Garrett) is already a star. Makes me wish even more I had the time to make it to the Fair on Saturday. And oh yea... Sagan is doing GREAT!

  9. Hi Heather,

    Can't work out any other way of contacting you: this is not a comment on the latest post.

    Remember the 'temperament testing' of those pit bulls you posted back in July? I just checked and found this:

    I think it will make you happy.


  10. Are you and yours ok? Am starting to get worried Heather..a long-time lurker who loves your blog and the work you do...
    Jane Morgenstern, Leesburg, Va.20175

  11. No worries, Jane. Combination of worse-than-usual October SAR mayhem, puppy launch, and the lingering death of my laptop. Be back soon!

  12. I was getting ready to say the same thing as Jane, and then I decided I'd read the comments first :p

    Miss your writing! Hope everything is going well.

  13. Hokay, I'm almost feeling guilty for taking advantage of all this free "ES 101" training. Gunner appreciates this very much and (yeah, yeah, Gunner, I KNOW I still haven't bought you a farm of your own!) he hopes that at least some of it will take root in my poor, feeble little humanoid brain. (Lucky for me, he's a very forgiving dog.)

  14. Found some of the stuff you've written on your experience through the English Shepherd list. I'm looking forward to your blog post on how to choose the right type of ES, and just as importantly, the right breeder. That's what I'm trying to figure out right now. :) - Candice

  15. Shelley Reid SalmonsDecember 17, 2011 at 6:23 AM

    Heather - after having two rescue ESs since 1997, I'm learning about breeders and what to look for in them, the dogs they raise and how to choose a pup that will fit our home. Please add me to the list of people looking forward to reading your post about this.


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