Monday, August 22, 2011

Macro Monday: Moving Day

Rosie thought she had it tough three weeks ago -- six whole puppies to move into the living room, and with only one human to step 'n' fetchit for her.

At the PARSEC picnic this Saturday, someone spotted these lovely golden ants on the march. We quickly ascertained that they were moving house, from under a hydrangea in a landscape island to beneath a sidewalk slab about 12 feet away.

I got this with my iPhone. There is some quality loss from the YouTube conversion -- not sure why. The original is much sharper.

Notice how the larvae and pupae only go in one direction. The ants moving left to right are returning to the old nest for more kids or stuff to shift.

I think The Vandals really capture the energy of ant moving day.


  1. YouTube automatically compresses videos and lowers quality whenever you upload something, in order to lower the file size and loading time.

    Several people have experimented with downloading and uploading the same video hundreds of times to see how comically low the video quality can get. They, obviously, don't have basketfulls of Roseannadannas that need neurological nurturing.

  2. Fascinating, and a great music choice, too!

  3. Someone told me that pound for pound ants have the highest brain to body mass ratio of all animals. Don't know if it's true. Certainly makes you think.


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