Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Phriday: Commensal

She hops up onto the back deck -- three steps up -- nearly every night, and stations herself by the glass door. There she picks off the bugs that hit the window and drop. I leave a light on in the kitchen for her, and try to remember to close the door so that she has maximum dinner-collection area, and also so I don't step in toad shit in the kitchen.

I bring her stinkbugs and Junebugs -- but never fireflies -- and she now hops towards me when she sees me coming out.

She's the only being I've ever seen who will eat a second stink bug.

The dogs have been lounging on the deck late nights in the heat. They politely give her a couple feet of space near the door, and she pays them no mind.

Everyone should have a porch toad.


  1. Any indication it might be a hypno-toad?

  2. If she eats stink bugs, I suspect there will be a waiting list for porch toads...

  3. Rob -- she has me running around the house in the middle of the night catching bugs for her. What do YOU think?

  4. I have several solar night lights around the yard just for the toads.

    They haven't convinced me to catch bugs for them yet, though.

  5. Heather - I'll send you some stink bugs. So you won't have to spend your evenings hunting for her.

  6. adorbs!
    we rescued 11 toadlettes from our egress window the other day

    i want a porch toad

  7. I have total porch toad envy. I have two nice big spiders who come out every night and build webs on my deck, though. They're pretty neat.

    Our stink bug population has fallen off. I haven't seen a live one in ages. Not that I'm complaining!

  8. Do you stroke her on the head? While they'll shrink their shoulders and close their eyes, I've never had one hop off, even afterwards.

  9. This was a delightful read! A friend of mine has had a house frog for a couple years. The frog is free to come & go as she pleases.


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