Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Phriday: Leftovers

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When the dogs started digging around in the snow in the parking lot at training last week, and then brought me ... remains ... my kneejerk response was to curse the redneck who had cleaned his kill on his tailgate and dumped the leavings where he stood. Common enough in state gamelands.

Yeah -- no two-legged mammal produced these leftovers. (Click photo to embiggen.)

Hawk or owl? I'm sure someone out there knows the agent of Thumper's demise.

Whoever it was, she likes meat and is not too fond of tendons or bone.


  1. Hmm. Your pups aren't interesting in eating them? I can barely get remains from mine when they find them before the big GULP.

  2. Presumably, not one of your Californians...?

  3. Jen, I think they were a little puzzled by the degree and manner to which this was picked clean. They definitely would have eaten them if I hadn't said no, but Rosie and Cole brought me these two pieces. Didn't find anything else. Possibly someone flew off with the rest.

    You live with Shibas. Tell them "no" about something like this, I'm guessing they respond with "Yeah. You're cute, you know that? We'll get back to you on that..."

  4. Wow - what efficiency! Impressive, to say the least.

  5. that about sums up the shibas response!

    we've been fostering a border collie mix for just over a month, and its remarkable how different they are. she's so biddable. i kind of love it.

  6. haha Jen. You think biddable is lovable now.... yeah, it is until the b.c starts bidding YOU.

  7. That reminds me of the inside out raccoon skin the dogs were playing with for a while. I supposed some hawk or owl didn't want to mess with all that fur and jut peeled it off.

  8. I can fairly guarantee it wasn't a hawk that left these remains. Hawks (at least red tailed hawks) will swallow the whole bone. They can digest the bone, the fur comes back up the next day in a casting. Can't offer any other insight on who may have cleaned these bones.

    I stumbled across your blog, and enjoy it!

  9. My apologies!! As soon as I posted my comment . . . my own hawk then made a liar of me, and daintily picked all the meat off the rabbit leg bone I had given him that very day, instead of wolfing it down like he usually does. So . . . perhaps it was a hawk.



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