Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm playing with some redesign this week. Bear with me; the blogger preview lies like a priest, so it will take some time to get the font sizes, colors, etc. where they need to be.

For some reason, every time I change a background color, all kinds of text becomes Barney-purple.


  1. Blink.

    At first I thought it was an April Fool's joke, stuck in UPS until now.

  2. Am I imagining it or did all the side links migrate to the right? I think I like that better.

  3. aiii-yeeee!!!!

    Too red!

    But I like the feed on the sides.

  4. Is it just my browser (Firefox) that turns the background into an unpleasant shade of pink, and the links on the right side into a difficult to read red?

  5. Okay, I've goosed with the excessive redness, the background color, and what PC called "horsey" titles.

    My laptop may not have the best screen for this kind of design tinkering.

    There's a hideous blue in some of the gadget sidebars that WILL NOT GO AWAY because the blogger design interface doesn't acknowledge it exists.

    And I can't make the blogroll a different color from the body text links.

    How's it look now?

  6. Ah. The hideous blue just went away as mysteriously as it had appeared ...

  7. okay, looks vile on my treo. how is it on newer smartphones?

  8. Salmon is a just-below-Cooperstown great player. Not sure how it plays out otherwise as the background in cases where the image fails. Suggest 130 kb is kind of a large image for a mobile device. Blogger sucks (= "doesn't scale well") on mobile devices, though, so I'm not sure how valuable that advice is.

  9. I took the background image, cranked down the JPEG quality to 30 and stripped most of the EXIF data; still came out to about 74 kB. Not insignificant.


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