Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning

No not that spring.

I'm sprucing up the blogroll this week. I've added some new (really new and new to me) blogs to the list, and will be adding more and reorganizing as I go. I'm cleaning out the inactive blogs, fixing links for those that have changed addresses, and culling a few that have veered off into areas that I find less interesting or less relevant to most of my readers' interests.

And, if you shitcan my comments when I disagree with you, then call me an idiot in public and shitcan my response to that, I remove you from my blogroll, no matter how interesting other things you may have to say might be. I don't think that's unfair, since my comments are thus far unmoderated, and I only remove commercial spam.

Check out the new-to-you links; there are some interesting points of view out there.


  1. Hi, H. Houlahan!Thanks for adding Full Cry to your blogroll--we've reciprocated and added Raised By Wolves to ours. Incidentally, we've noticed that there appears to be an outbreak of contagious whee-whee-whee-toe-breaking. You are the second person we know of in a week to do this. Both occurred pre-coffee. Ergo: proof that morning coffee is a health food.

  2. Thanks for adding my fledgling ramblings to your blogroll. I really appreciate it.

    I also have a toe that has been dislocated so many times I routinely stub it on the dogs, the cat, a lint ball tumbleweeding across the floor, or even air.

    Next body part fail? Knees. I thought these things were supposed to last 80 years.

  3. That's it. No more barefootin' anywhere until the toe-breaking tide turns.

  4. Damn, now I've got something else to add to my To Do list.

    And thanks for keeping on your Blogroll. The hits just keep on coming. Regularly.


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