Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One year from the day that Cole, Jasmine, and Barry White were confiscated from the abusive hands of their former owner:


  1. Ode to Joy, indeed.


  2. GOOD DOGS! And good on you for all of your hard work to help them. It's so wonderful to see them having fun and playing in the snow.

    I don't cry over a lot of things, but I've wept over the plight of those dogs, and cried again for joy at the tremendous upswing in their fortunes. Thank you for all that you do, and for posting updates and videos.

  3. Happy Anniversary, indeed! Blessings and good Karma to all those who were willing and able to go to Montana! Thank you for allowing the rest of us to help out along the way.
    Laura Vinogradov
    Lutz, FL
    Paige's ex-foster mom

  4. Wow, what a contrast -- from a snowy hell to a snowy playground, in one short year. Thanks for the smiles! I love the hide n seek in the cornrows -- as well as the shot of Barry White just sitting wagging his tail at you with a "crazy kids" look on his face.

  5. I miss you Cole! Thanks Heather for sharing their fun and frolick. The corn field looks like an awesome place for them to play. Happy Anniversary to all the dogs.

  6. Jasmine and Cole play very sophisticated hide & seek games, both in the maze of mowed paths in my overgrown large pasture (the sheep who would have kept it not-overgrown were delayed until next year because of ONB) and in the neighbor's cornfield. It should be cut long before now, but last year the guy who rents the field never harvested the soybeans, so who knows? The deer around here sure are fat.

    Jasmine initiates and controls these games, and seems to mostly "win."

    I talk a big game about how smart Cole is, but Jazzie sure has his number when it comes to tactics at speed.

    She has come a long way from the "poor me" sullen little girl who arrived at the end of September.

  7. Heather - Jazzie is a good nickname for Jasimie. She certainly thought she was Jazzie at the barn - lol! I can easily see her controlling the games.

  8. What a wonderful way to start the new year - a video of happy dogs playing dog games in the snow. And what a fantastic way to celebrate that anniversary! Thank you Heather.

  9. OK, you got our momma bawling! The first day of the New Year and all she has to see is happy rescue dogs and she bawls.


    Here's to another year of friendship and smiles and holding up each other through the trials. Over the past year you have brought us many giggles, some laughter and always a feeling that the world is a better place because you are in it.

  10. Barry still isn't very sure of it all yet, but those puppies ... wow!

  11. Barry White does romp with the young 'uns -- just not when I'm there.

    It doesn't seem that he's inhibited by my presence. Rather, he is quite convinced that his Place in the Universe is following at my heel, so whenever I'm present, that's where he normally is. He'll run out a little ways when things get very exciting, but soon returns to heel.

    He won't follow me into the bottom part of the barn, so when I'm inside doing chores, that's when I usually spot him frolicking with the tykes. I can also look out the window and see him playing with Jazzie when they are out in the kennel. (Part of the foster kennel is visible near the end of this clip.)

    She adores him (all dogs like Barry White -- even Moe has never voiced the slightest objection to him), and is a bit overwhelming in her attentions, so sometimes I split them up to give him a break.

  12. What happy pups. They've come a LONG way and I appreciate you keeping everyone posted on such details. I'd love to strap Linda Kapsa in a chair and show her this video, and then ask her when scenes like this ever played themselves out on her place...oh wait, never? And why might that be?

    Those are true dogs now (even with the few quirks that are still with them) I see romping in the field. Not property, breeding machines or "just animals"...real dogs with a purpose and a path in life. Great job, and thanks for what you do.

  13. What a great video! I smiled right away.

  14. What an *awesome* video. Thanks so much for the huge grins, and thanks even more for letting these guys be who they're supposed to be.


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