Friday, April 24, 2009

If You Dont Save These Dogs We'll Kill This Chicken

Yes, that is a chest freezer acting as a backdrop.

For background, go to the comments section of my previous post:

So here's the deal.

If NESR receives checks and paypal donations totaling the amount of my one-ton feed order by June 30, Dale McNugget will earn a permanent sinecure among the laying hens here. I'll keep his picture on the blog

I will have the total on the feed order in a couple of weeks, but we are looking at between $ 210 and $250.

Contributions must be marked Montana Rescue -- SAVE DALE.

Otherwise -- coq a vin.

Put your money where your mouth is -- since none of you armchair chicken-lovers were willing to put up even an hour of fighting with barbed wire and multiflora rose

And yes, the headline both dates me and pays homage to The Greatest Magazine Cover in Human History.

I have been trying to get a frameable copy of this issue forever; no luck.


  1. Done! :P

    (I've been meaning to anyway, you just reminded me that I had a bit of money in my paypal account. It's not much, but it's a start.

  2. Well played Ms. Houlahan. I don't have much money but I do have a BLOG. Game on.

  3. Brilliant. Evil. Inspired.

    Save Dale!

  4. ok even though you were mean to me, the dogs (not to mention Dale), deserve better than this evil blackmail scheme! PP donation sent.



  5. Do we know yet if Dale is a hen or a rooster?


  6. We do not. Broilers come straight run. I won't know genders for sure for a couple of months.

    It would make life a lot easier if I have a She-Dale.

    Assuming, of course, that people are willing to pony up.

  7. Paypal hates me, so I used my husband's account -- at least Dale's broiler feed is covered double! :-D


  8. Okay, ya'll gotta check out the sixty-five degrees of separation thing going over on YesBiscuit:

    Let me see if I have this straight.

    The Brave and Valiant and Literate Anonymous is objecting to someone on a forum having posted a link to Shirley's blog, where there is a post that references and links to this post and the previous one on this blog, in which a bunch of you rabble have stormed the castle with torches and pitchforks and forced me to hold a chicken hostage in order to raise money for the care of 254 English shepherd dogs who are crime victims being held in evidence in Montana as part of an ongoing criminal cruelty prosecution.

    This is a bad thing, because someone, somewhere, is working an 80 hour week.

    Got that?

    And I thought that on the interwebz you were never more than two degrees of separation from a brain-damaged troll.

    Anonymous! Here boy! Wanna play?!

  9. AHAHAHA! I just know there's a LOLdog caption in here somewhere: I be saven chikenz, dey be hatin...

  10. Donation made. Save Dale!

    I hadn't seen this post when I made the "coq a vin" comment Saturday evening--great minds cook alike!

    Beagle Puppy (aka Rosie Cotton Gamgee) is doing great. Thanks for your suggestions.


  11. Dale, you come on out West and live with Auntie Melinda and the rest of flock: Butters, Biscuit, Bonnie (as in Raitt...guess what color she is!), Becky, Pocahontas, and Sacajawea.

    I'm definitely of the "can't eat what you name" persuasion...with all due respect to those who can and do!


  12. Oh, also, I made a Facebook Cause. :P Search "Save Dale!"

  13. I get paid tomorrow and will try to hit the Paypal site then. Just wondering how you will know when Dale has been liberated?
    In the mean time, I leave you with this little ditty in honor of Dale:


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